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Sea moss gel it can be used for relief of joint & muscle pain, this makes it great for weight loss as well as digestion. It coats and protects the stomach and intestinal wall with it’s jelly like consistency which is also beneficial to people with ulcers.

  • SEA MOSS FOR ENERGY sea moss gives the body energy and is used in the Caribbean as an aphrodisiac to increase energy and libido, because its rich in vitamins & minerals.
  • Helps to remove mucus from the body and is used to remove mucus from the lungs
  • Can be used to help colds coughs or respiratory illness
  • Beneficial for the thyroid gland
  • Can be applied to the skin for burns, rashes or as a facial mask
  • Used to help eczema psoriasis
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Organic all natural sea moss gel supports the thyroid, removes mucus from the body where disease may fester. Great for energy.

Weight 2 lbs

1 review for Sea Moss

  1. Adam S (verified owner)

    I mix this in a fruit and spinach smoothie for my breakfast I work construction and my hands get sore this help with inflammation and gives me an energy boost and I quit drinking monster energy drinks by using this product great stuff

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